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When she took Princess Talia from the castle one night, the whole country was sent into chaos. Lesbian blonde ass. Who was out there. Friendships collide as infinite questions arise. But when the privileged daughter of a multimillionaire meets Lauren, a waitress on the luxury cruise They think that since they already know so much about one another that, everything will work out The fact that she is also rich makes her perfection.

I'm not an editor Then when she starts a new trimester of classes her coach is also her new history teacher Something that came in the form of a kicking, screaming, three year old girl. Best lesbian books on wattpad. Given up on Love 12 4. Confusion runs over Cindy as she falls back into her own thoughts. Romance was never in her future, she was done with that. With every kill she made, her emotions disappeared, further succumbing to the life of a killer.

But why was she so tempting? Original by WhileATeen aka Sienali. She's not the type to have relationships. Lesbian sex with pictures. Ten years has passed since Abrael awakened. Their love soon blossoms much like Jessie's garden until the king discovers them. Everything happened so quickly. The gang heads back to Las Vegas to try to mass produce a cure to save the human population Addie and Tami get left home by their parents. Hatspehut and her older brother Odin end up being captured and sold into slavery as body guards for the vampires.

Sweet Nectar GirlxGirl K 4. Lesbian Story K 9. With the help of both old and new friends, the couple will tackle hetero mothers, brutal media and, of course, th Her career and sanity are put on the line when she is asked to represent Spencer Dennison, who is accused of murdering her husband.

I couldn't handle it anym Antonina Black, or just Nina, is a wise-mouthed but wounded girl. Under the age of 18 read at your Having never been given the chance to quite accept and learn to bestow love and emotional boun She was transferred to a new school and hoped for a quie The girl she called pathetic Love Between GenderFluids K 8.

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She had a life of glitz and glam, unlimited riches, gourmet food and hot toy boys whenever and wherever. When the two meet concerning a drug deal gone bad they bot Who was out there. Lesbians watch free porn. The twenty four year old Brianna doesn't believe in love. Ellie is mostly known as the lesbian player, dropping girls left and right after getting what she wants.

Race For The Cure K 4. This brings along Eden. We ran away to live in the woods together. Skye Salvatore, a year old half vampire stuck at 17 at 5'8, moved to cross academy 2 years ago from her home town in Italy and quickly landed among the top stars of the school. She owns her own tattoo shop that never has a slow day. Will they finally have the future they've always dreamed of? Willow Knight is now a 17 year old rambunctious, rough and tough high school teenager just getting used to being daughter of two great alphas.

Lauren is very protective of her slightly younger cousin. Naked tennis girls. She was perfect in her own way, and I wis I couldn't handle it anym That would be a lie.

In order for Hayden to take over she's going to have to find a mate. Best lesbian books on wattpad. With her two identities, she keeps her personal life away from her school life so she doesn't have to put up with the harassmen Were we wrong for loving each other?

Josephine was the daughter to a rich doctor father and trophy wife. A troublesome, straight, 16 year old junior in high school.

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This contains sexual content. Might I mention before too far along in t A last minute interview lands her a challenging but fruitful job at Amelia Gallagher's mansion and immediately, intimidation sets in. A war is about to break out and Mckayla has choic The bad girl's embrace GxG 1. But royalty is a life sentence. People have an obsession for her, and Perrie definitely doesn't mind. The most famous art exhibit in LA.

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