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If so, how did you find us coz this is a really, really new thread. Shemale blowjob girl. Posted 04 June - Again, assuming there's any truth to the matter in the first place.

If she isn't anymore, I honestly think she was at one point and I know someone before me had the same idea, but she's since then made peace with herself-to some extent. KInd of offtopic but I love Yuri's name. Kwon yuri lesbian. Submit a new link. I just think she didnt like that Yuri was so insistent. And Taeyon defending them after netizens complained about the middle finger and how being around the drag queens could give her a bad image:.

He honestly couldn't find the silver lining in this. Welcome Guest [Log In] [Register]. And how does it contradict anything I said? But Seo isn't opposed to skinship at all. Naked b cup girls. I don't think you asked the question maliciously but I'm pretty tired of sexuality being a topic at all.

Btw, is this the first time you came to thread? But the problem was that she became increasingly straightforward about her approach it kind of scared me and I was only a baby dyke then. The ship is quite fruitful! Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. In case they were, they would have repressed it so deep down that they probably wouldn't even know about it themselves. That could be part of it. With a lack of personal support and a series of bad events piling up Yuri's life, she can only think about ending her life.

She seemed heartbroken when Yoona didn't wear the sleepwear she got for her Also, I think she was just had her feelings hurt a little bit when Yoona didn't wear the pajamas she got her. It's like, girl, she's not the one who reaches down other people's shirts I've always been pretty intrigued by the other girl's treatment and reaction to Yuri.

Its impossible that yuri isn't aware of the scandal she had with syj and hys, Does it mean that she is acknowledging syj through that survey then? Sign In Create Account. Well I'm gonna write it. If I was one of the girls I would be kinda angry too. I'm thinking Yuri is my top pick for most likely to be with another woman. BigLundi BigLundi Member since:

Espn women naked

Posted 12 June - And where did you get the idea that a conservative culture means no gay-aware people? It was more of 'What will you do? Remember, Reddiquette Useful Links: Not a troll post, I'm just curious what everyone's real thoughts on this was. Serena wood nude. Yuri's rumour for you all: Sign In Create Account. I actually just discovered this and I spent the end of my afternoon browsing tumblrs and watching vids.

Omg your so right I really want to know if yura has a bae or not. Because Kyungsoo was exhausted. Kwon yuri lesbian. So I think it's mostly been limited to discussion amongst Sones and i-kpop fans - although she might want to watch herself now that ksones are taking photos at SYJ events.

Feels like fan service. Korea is so homophobic? Is she part of the queer ones on you list, Insider? Minho, yang dianggap keluarganya membuat masalah lagi, harus membuat keputusan besar dalam waktu dekat.

And Seobb doesn't look truly pissed either. And it's rude to ask for sex in sogaeting it's what this set-up meeting through friend is called. As another poster noted, Yuri wasn't even doing anything inappropriate that would embarrass her.

Sign In Need an account? Want to add to the discussion? If I remember correctly, there was one insider that absolutely insisted the YulSic fight was over their careers, not their love lives or anything. Are you on a bus or something?

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You do realize that that isn't a lesbian stereotype, right? They made the music video set really fun. Tits bouncing up and down. Posted 10 June - I feel like she's just been hanging around and enjoying her life in the spotlight up until now and craves attention from any audience without too much seriousness. To add a link flair to your post, click the 'flair' link of your post. As far as who is the most likely, I try to stay away from questions like that. Since he was a YG Trainee, it would seem likely that he's referencing a YG group, although that's not necessarily the case.

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