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This is more social engineering than hacking. Jesus man, that's a really really shitty, stressful, harrowing experience. Bonnie raitt naked. Spoofing an IP has nothing to do with hacking servers.

But that's a big if that's going to require people to place even more trust in Facebook than they do now. Hacked facebook nudes. Incidentally, when I got back on my Facebook, I saw he had messaged another girls from my profile pretending to be me.

BerserkerDec 9, Fortunately, I found out that it was some random young guy from my home town and all his threats were empty. I'm the same way to some degree. Although I don't give my passwords out, I do some other fairly careless things that I have just vowed to stop. I asked him if he wanted money, anything of the sort. I already provided an accurate real world analogy to the specific situation in my main post which was someone asks to be let into your house when you're not there to get a parcel but I'm not on about the specifics of what happened.

I called the bank and blocked my account. It should be common sense to give that information to nobody. Fuck girl in street. He doesn't care what happens to him because he doesn't love his life like I do and he has nothing to lose. I assume you use the same password? I'm sorry this happened to you, but I hope that it's been a lesson for you and other people you know to prevent it form happening again.

Facebook Pages Jumped in the Timeline Hole. Topics Facebook The Observer. And I wasn't able to use my phone because of the activation lock. Should not she be charged for having child porn available on her web page? T tineye found those pics on like 6 porn sites.

It was the recovery email for my Hotmail, which is my primary account, that I have held for over 13 years. The Facebook spokeswoman said she was unable to confirm details published earlier by The Daily Beast that said Facebook would continue to store blurred versions of the images for an unspecified amount of time after the hash was taken.

Hopefully she'll learn from it and that'll allow a little good to come from all this. From there, you send the image in question to yourself using Facebook Messenger. This went on for 8 years. I'm glad you got out of it mostly okay, and that you had your friends, parents, boyfriend, and everyone else to back you. If you had two passwords one that you just suggested and one the same length that was a mixture like I said, mine would be stronger.

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That's only when you're considering how easy it is to remember a password. Girls online nude. In a statement, the lawyer for model and actor Kate Upton said: Apple was on hold because they wanted me to get access to Hotmail first, so I could reset the Apple ID myself.

How were these pictures hacked? I tried to help you, if everything got screwed up on your end, sorry. I've had some conversations and done some things that would make some people go ape shit if they could see my profile.

Brsch57Dec 9, Once I knew they were real police officers I then gave the police staff over the phone the licence plate numbers of two cars who stopped to talk to the guys. I'm having a hard time conceiving that someone breached facebook's servers twice just to post rude photos of my on my page. He lectures me about how I'm a bad girl, that I have smoked weed and had sex.

I just googled and found how to see where you are logged in. Hacked facebook nudes. He's making the point that it's not surprising to see someone located in a place with a backward attitude to women making comments about how they deserve to be mistreated because of their sexual conduct. And yeah, by the say dude you are supposed to sympathise with people that just got fucked over by someone phishing their account, it's called empathy and it's a thing normal human beings have.

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One expert, who had seen the files, said the oldest photos date back to December and the newest from 14 August. The fact is though you need a password you can remember, and it probably will be used for everything, so as long as it's a fairly strong password I think you're mostly OK.

If you tell me, here or in the other topic, exactly where you got this IP address I can explain you what it means. Big tits overflowing. Yeah I would have told them to instruct me how to do the delete from my own computer with my account or no dice. Jennifer Lawrence was the victim of hacking.

I think a higher upvote to comment ratio gives you more stars. He called me on Facebook messenger audio. It took me some time to work up the courage to share this story, but mostly I went through with it because I realized that there was no other way to catch him.

I think the purity thing was both him being crazy and negging OP so the guy was being manipulative to get OP to feel guilty and obey his commands.

Also, some idiot could hack my and her Facebook account but not that easy to do it with WhatsApp. I'm an internal auditor, if I found people doing that all the time in the office I'd probably note it in a report saying it could be indicative of an inappropriate culture towards IS. I looked through the account activity and saw that the guy had changed my recovery email and phone number, and now I had a record of it with an IP address.

Then he gave a speech about protecting your online presence and such that I remember to this day. Of course I trust them. Once he had access to an email account, it was go time: There is nothing I can do to track him down. Megan fox full frontal nude. Im in complete shock.

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LESBIAN ASS GAPE LICKING He doesn't care what happens to him because he doesn't love his life like I do and he has nothing to lose. Lawyers for the actor immediately threatened to prosecute any publication publishing the pictures. Dec 9,
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Naked women nice tits But I began to get upset during this call, and telling him he had no right to morally police me and that I could be in as many relationships as I want and sleep with whomever I want and it is none of his business.
Charlize theron movies nude I'm not sure if this is how OP got hacked. What's changed since then? Imagine that stuff online and sent to your friends and family.

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